Product testing

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During the design stage, the equipment is required to undergo a range of formal testing. This is in the form of EMC, Low Voltage, Safety testing, environmental and compliance to applicable European Directives.

These are normally conducted by an accredited, third-party test body. But this is just the start.

Reliability is a key factor for our customers. Ongoing functional and environmental testing is essential in maintaining our products performance.

In-house testing

At Pike, we have our own calibrated environmental chamber and water spray booth, together with a large number of specially designed, functional test rigs. Our electronic test and measurement are calibrated to industry standards.

Periodically, our signal systems undergo a full range of tests to make sure there are no adverse changes in its performance. Explore further our Research and Development processes.

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Pre-delivery inspections

Each system undergoes a series of pre-delivery inspections and the radio units are range tested to check connectivity over different environments.

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