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What is AutoGreen?

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AutoGreen is an advanced form of smart radar-based Vehicle Actuation (VA) for portable and temporary traffic signals, designed to dynamically adjust signal control to create a safer, greener and more efficient roadworks environment.

AutoGreen achieves this through a series of traffic scenarios, where signal performance is optimised according to current traffic conditions. This enables portable signals to incrementally adapt to an ever-changing traffic environment.

Traditional VA systems for portable signals use simple Doppler radars as the detection input for the signals. Doppler radars only detect movement and cannot detect gaps or identify vehicles, therefore cannot react in the same way as AutoGreen. Often VA systems are set up with high green times, increasing the risk of the shuttle lane becoming blocked, creating severe congestion from which it cannot recover without manual intervention – AutoGreen is only system that can detect when a site is congested and gives every phase guaranteed green time, replacing the need for manual control in many cases.

AutoGreen Technology is powered by an industry-leading FMCW radar, offering improved detection, higher data accuracy and low power consumption. Our FMCW radar is not susceptible to non-vehicle targets, weather or other common issues associated with Doppler radars.

AutoGreen Technology has been proven to improve journey times by up to 50%, and is exclusively found on Pike Signals and Hollco products from Traffic Group Signals.

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AutoGreen was formerly known as ARVA on Pike Signals products.

Benefits of AutoGreen

For Traffic Management companies

  • Faster deployment – No need to stand and watch traffic to visually assess correct timings
  • Less manual control – Reduced need for manual control means less exposure to abuse, pollution and roadside dangers. TMO’s able to focus on more fulfilling traffic management tasks
  • Fewer call-outs – No need for reactive configuration of signal timings or to correct timings set at installation
  • Fewer complaints – Reduced driver frustration and avoidance of negative HA feedback and intervention

For Local Authorities

  • Improved network performance – Increased throughput leads to shorter journey times and less impact on surrounding infrastructure
  • Better for the environment – Reduced levels of congestion resulting in lower emissions at street works
  • Improved safety – TM operatives will be less exposed to pollution, safety risks and abuse on the network
  • Fewer complaints – More efficient roadworks means less public complaints direct and on social media
  • Reduced workload – Easier to check compliance with permit conditions, reduces need for reactive intervention to adjust signal timings

For Road Users

  • Improved journey times – 50% improvement over VA.
  • Reduced frustration – Fair phasing and no lane blocking means each cycle is protected


Future Developments

AutoGreen is the first significant change to portable signal technology in 15 years, and we are working hard on the next generation of this technology through our in-house R&D centre.

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