Traffic control for emergency and short term applications

The EvoLite is designed to provide a simple and safe traffic control solution for short-term applications. These freestanding signals offer the flexibility of being transported in a small commercial vehicle or estate car.

The EVO controller is located in the rear of each signal head providing operator level control whilst facing the oncoming traffic. Portable sealed battery pack power supply for each unit provides up to 40 hours operation. With lightweight adjustable tripods, the whole system is quick and easy to deploy and set up with the latest EVO controllers.

EvoLite at a glance
  • Lightweight signals with multiphase capability 
  • Uses EVO controller range
  • Unique Dual-Band Radio offering unparalleled communication ability
  • 40 hours battery life
  • Low power dimming LEDs
  • Fully compatible with other Pike systems which use the EVO controller
  • Small enough to transport in the back of a van, pick-up or estate